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The Foxy Lady in Providence. Dialynn Dwyer.

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“The law is the law, and they just cannot do what they’re doing.”

Privacy Policy. Attempted Kidnapping. It says that Palm Beach County Judge Leonard Hanser made several errors in his May ruling, and argues that even if he didn't, he went too far by suppressing the recordings police secretly made in January at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. They said Hanser erred when he ruled that Jupiter police detectives and the judge who issued the warrant allowing the secret installation of cameras at the spa did not do enough to minimize the invasion of privacy of customers who received legal massages.

They said even if justices agree with Hanser that more should have been done to protect the innocent, it shouldn't protect Kraft, whom they say clearly paid for sex. They also argued that even if the warrant was faulty, the detectives executed it in good faith, which courts have ruled is usually sufficient for evidence to be used in court, because doing otherwise allows criminal activity to go unpunished.

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Story continues below. The prosecutors said Jupiter Police Department detectives lawfully obtained the warrant allowing them to secretly install cameras in the spa's massage rooms and lobby, after spending days observing almost exclusively men entering the spa, obtaining trash that showed sex occurred there and interviewing customers after they left who admitted paying for sex.

During the five days of recording, prosecutors said 25 customers clearly paid for sex, 10 likely did but could not be proven because of poor lighting and four did not. Kraft was one of 25 men charged and some have accepted plea bargains. The owner and some employees are charged with felonies, with those cases also stalled because of similar rulings tossing the videos that are under appeal.

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Kraft, 78, has pleaded not guilty but issued a written apology in March, acknowledging he disappointed many people "who rightfully hold me to a higher standard. According to police records, Kraft was chauffeured to the spa on the evening of Jan.

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Hanser in his ruling said the judge who issued the warrant failed to give Jupiter detectives explicit instructions on how to monitor the video feed, allowing them to invade the privacy of legitimate customers. While prosecutors are arguing that ruling is faulty on several fronts, they focused on whether the recordings illegally violated Kraft's privacy.

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