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  1. The Last Lunar Eclipse of 12222 Occurs Tuesday, Just in Time for Apollo 11 Celebrations!
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Depending on where in the world you are, an eclipse may be visible. What we discover about ourselves and others during lunar eclipses can be tough to admit, even shocking.

What is a lunar eclipse?

Still, this gives us the opportunity to embrace our wholeness, and see where we have room to grow in new directions. Owning the fact that we have emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and rage is the first step to getting a handle on them.

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Eclipses throughout history have gotten a bad rap. They were both revered and feared. Because eclipses have correlated with climate catastrophes, such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, many cultures believed that eclipses angered the gods. However, Western science has only confirmed a single fact: We need to protect our eyes if we watch a solar eclipse!

12222: New Moon and Full Moon Dates and Times

Rituals for new and full moons are becoming more popular by the day. At an eclipse, a ritual can help you stay grounded in the face of any chaos, especially if you set dedicated intentions. Solar eclipses fall at new moons, so a ritual or intention-setting could focus on helping you start anew. Lunar eclipses fall at full moons, which are times of ending, closure, manifestation and transition.

Upcoming Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Jun Annular Solar Eclipse Jun Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Jul Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Nov Total Solar Eclipse Dec Total Lunar Eclipse May Partial Lunar Eclipse Nov Partial Solar Eclipse Apr Partial Solar Eclipse Oct Total Lunar Eclipse Nov The Moon only gets very slightly darker, and it is normally impossible to notice , even with a telescope.

As its name might imply, a partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon aren't exactly aligned, so only part of the Moon passes into Earth's umbral shadow and thus only part of it appears red. Some people have different terms for a total lunar eclipse depending on when it occurs. The distance from Earth to the Moon changes from , kilometres , miles to , kilometres , miles over the course of the Moon's orbit.

When it is at this closest point, it is slightly larger and brighter in our sky, earning it the moniker of 'supermoon'. A total lunar eclipse during this time is therefore sometimes called a 'super blood Moon'. On 21 January , however, a total lunar eclipse occurred, unusually, on the first full Moon of the year. As this is known as a 'wolf Moon', that total lunar eclipse earned itself the nickname 'super blood wolf Moon'. A partial lunar eclipse will be visible from the UK on 16 July , although it might be hard to spot as it will be very close to the horizon.

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In there will be four penumbral lunar eclipses over the UK and other locations, although you might struggle to notice them. It's the total lunar eclipses you'll really want to look out for though on these dates:. Other parts of the world will also have a chance to see several additional total lunar eclipses in the coming years.

Here's what to look forward to:. Stand beneath Luke Jerram's incredible touring artwork, measuring six metres in diameter and featuring detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. A supermoon is a regular part of the Moon's orbit of Earth, appearing larger and brighter in the sky. But why does this happen, and should we care? Growing up in the Apollo era of the seventies, Prof Sara Russell fantasised about working on space missions.

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