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This is true, w hether that navigation gnosis be in the flesh or in the spirit. We would be able to recognize their marked mission s, and be given insight into their destined role s, and nature of perfecting themselves and assisting in the uplifting of fallen humanity. Sister Rahsmariah V. Astrology Classes are given at New York classes at various times. See Weekly Calendar Page. Study it, and you will see the correlations.

In order to relate it to yourself, you must know what energies astrology signs and planets if any are in the houses in your chart. Many may deny it, not wish to observe it, or pay attention to it, yet it cannot be denied as it pays close attention to you, and marks you.

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These movements are like a tick on the clock, thus your personal chart, or wheel is your "Clock Of Destiny". As you can see the blending of these qualities make up a different entity of energy. Learning them singularly is a beginning, and offers a reading all on its own. For example, the ebb and flow means the postive and negative flow, the rhythmn of life. Often we try to make things happen, that simply are out of reach as a positive possibility.

All is not lost because you simply need to find someone that matches your ebb, or your flow. All Fire signs and Air signs are outgoing energies the Flow. Mars: courageous, daring, energetic; fond of exploits; enterprising; frank, outspoken, petulant, zealous, and fond of freedom. The Sun: proud, dignified; possessed of self-confidence, generosity and magnanimity; disposed to the grandiose and magnificent; sometimes vain and haughty, yet free from meanness, and loving fair play and transparency; generally honest and opposed to all cliques and cabals.

Venus: gentle, kind, docile and persuasive; loving music and the fine arts, bright and joyous scenes, jewels and flowers; fond of pleasure, and frequently self-indulgent. Mercury: active, business-like and capable in affairs; of voluble speech; attentive to details; punctilious and easily irritated; loving knowledge for its own sake; accessible and communicative.

The Moon: changeful, vacillating; versatile; imaginative; romantic; loving travel and change of scene; sensitive and whimsical.

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Judgment as to character is first made by the grouping of the signs in order to get the type to which the subject belongs, and then by the aspects of the Moon and Mercury to determine the specific traits o characteristics. Planets in the 1st, 9th and 3rd Houses have a very marked influence on the expression of character.

It is here to be observed that the same indication and its corresponding trait of character will work out differently in persons of the various types. Thus conjunction in a purely emotional type is liable to produce dangerous and destructive passions, which in an intellectual type would find expression in critical diatribe and free-thought; while in the spiritual type it would beget a zealot; and in the material type a violent and unscrupulous firebrand, a maniac.

There is one axiom which cannot be too strongly emphasized, and the student or member will do well to keep it always before him: The planets act upon us only in terms of ourselves.

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Mental derangement is shown by the affliction of, or, in, or. Acute mania is shown by conjunction or to and epilepsy by afflicted by. But in such case there will be no Remedial aspect from the benefic planets and none between them, and the ascending degree. THE luminaries being in mutual good aspects, and the otherwise well supported in the horoscope by benefic aspects, shows a successful career. But if above the horizon, then success is speedily achieved.

Evil planets in the 4th House near the lower meridian show a poor termination to the career, even after a life of much success. Saturn in theMid-heaven will bring a person to a good position and afterwards denude him of all benefits. Impediments come from those sources indicated by the Houses occupied by the malefic planets or those badly aspecting the, as if in the 7th by marriage or contracts; in the 8th by legacies; in the 4th by mining, farming and real estate; and so of the rest.

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To be exceptionally fortunate the planet should be in good aspect to one of the luminaries and angular, especially in the 1st or 10th. A benefic planet in the 4th House, not afflicted by adverse aspect, shows a successful finish to the career. Jupiter in good aspect to Uranus shows legacies and windfalls, while the same in good aspect to Saturn gives promise of an inheritance.

Planets in the 2nd House are especially to be regarded in this matter, as that House has reference to the personal possessions and generally to the financial status of the subject. The luminaries therein, or one of them, well aspected by etc. The malefic therein, or the luminaries badly aspected, show poverty and a continual struggle for a competence.

Here again there is the personal equation involved, and all judgment is to be regulated by reference to the sphere of life into which the subject is born, his responsibilities, etc. The poverty of one man might well constitute the wealth of another in a humbler sphere of life. The planets act upon us in terms of ourselves and in proportion to the measure of our individual powers.

THIS is to be judged from the 6th House and the planets therein, together with the sign on its cusp. The signs have affinity with those things ruled by the Houses to which they correspond, as to the 3rdHouse, to the 5th, etc. The planets have their own significations The Sun to gold; civic dignitaries, the Crown and its officers, ambassadors, etc. Uranus to electrical and scientific pursuits, and also to affairs of propaganda; the civil service and positions of civic authority. Neptune to psychological and mysterious pursuits, also travelling and seafaring.

These are, of course, but loose and general significations. The position of the majority of the planets will indicate whether the life-work should be along spiritual, mental, social or mercantile lines, and the sign on the 6th House, the position of its ruler and the nature of any planet in the 6th House, will guide to a specific occupation.

Cardinal signs retailers, dispensers, organizers and directors, managers and those in prominent positions. Some illustrations of known cases may serve to illustrate the manner of interpretation In the 6th — an artist. Judgment on the choice of occupation must of necessity be guided by a number of considerations, questions of aptitude, education, training, sex, etc.

Taking all the planets in all the signs we have but possible significations, while there is obviously y more than that number of distinct occupations. It must therefore suffice if the Moorish astrologer can give some hint of the line along which the occupation may be found. Thus fiery signs may denote spiritual things equally with those in which the element is the chief agent. It contains the secrets to many esoteric questions, as evidenced by the fact that there are twenty two letters in the Hebrew alphabet, twenty two pathways of the Kabbalah, twenty two cards in the Major Arcana and twenty two books in Revelation.

His number can conquer what is barely imaginable. Twenty two carries with it psychic gifts and intuition, but is also demanding, possessive and over sensitive. What does Master number 33 mean? It represents self-sacrifice and is seen as the martyr, one who gives his all for the greater good. The sum of 33 is 6, a number of love, compassion and family; one that nurtures, provides and protects- indeed a Christ number as Christ was thought to die at the age of It is a system of symbols with implications for a way of living that leads to self-improvement through service to the world.

It is about the evolution of humanity as a whole, accomplished while serving others as well as our planet. So you have 7,4,5 energies dominating the frequency of this month. There is a need to examine your life, your spiritual path under 7, to move forward with your goals with 4 and to take time to travel and enjoy life with 5. This is a balance of your superconscious 7 , subconscious 5 and conscious 4 mind at work.

HEALTH: 5 relates to the 5 senses, an indication to take precautions regarding your fitness, diet and mental issues. Miracles and remissions are possible with this vibration because the number relates to transformation. Worry may creep in so watch your thoughts as 5 as well as 7 are mental numbers and related to the throat chakra of speech, as both mind and speech will bring about your desires more rapidly. Relationships take on a more private tone and may be more spiritually elevating.

People from the past may present themselves through this Mercury Retrograde, make the decision if the connection is for your highest and best good. Relationships may be in for changes related to monetary factors, infidelity and deception and spiritual differences. Psychic awareness and paranormal experiences will be in play for those who are in elevation of their spiritual path. Healthcare, same sex marriages, gun laws and involvement with Egypt, etc. If you would like to know more about your personal year ahead and your destiny in life, I invite you to consult with me.

March was named for the Roman god Mars, the god of war. Nine is a vibration of global vision, wisdom, achievement, accomplishment, closure, finality, and completion. It is a humanitarian, compassionate, protective and expansive. On the flip side of this energy watch for political entrenchment, estrangement, infidelity, domestic violence, racial polarity and discrimination, mass shootings, financial hardship and ruin, aggression, military escalation, assassination, massacres, explosive natural effects, health care or pandemic threat.

Key words are Human Rights, Finances and Escalation. Seven is the number of intelligence, genius, philosophy, introspection, observation, analytical deduction and spiritual perception. Look for secrets to come out on ALL levels; in government, science, telecommunications, medical and pharmaceutical industries, in relationships, sexual infidelity, hidden assets, white collar crime and also disclosure on religious and spiritual lies and deceptions, disclosure of alien and other worldy life forms. What is hidden in the closet will come out.

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Key words are Disclosure, Spiritual maturity and Revelation. The flipside of these energies bring illusions, self-deception, betrayal, domestic and verbal abusive, co-dependency, drug addictions and security and national security breaches. Key words are: Good fortune, Relationships and Communication.

Big daddy Saturn, Lord of Karma is watching, your best spiritual and integral behavior is required!

The 3rd month, 9 esoteric month, number 7 actual word of March in 6 universal year invites you to pay special attention to your inner world. Let go of negative thinking patterns that keep you from your best good. Release grudges and choose to forgive childhood abuses that have made you a stronger person. You may receive a lot of spiritual revelations, have paranormal experiences and grow in your spiritual powers. Attraction to metaphysics, the occult, magic, paganism, healing modalities and spiritualty are high this month.

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Spiritual truths and deceptions from religions will be forthcoming this month. Key words are Spiritual ownership and Compassion. Fulfill and complete projects or goals.

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