March 2 virgo daily horoscope

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Venus loves to be pampered so she if you can book yourself in for a massage or day spa, if you like that kind of thing. Venus here is also good news for you at work — you should find yourself feeling more amiable around the office, and you can pretty much expect your colleagues and clients to notice and approve, too.

And good things happen when those around us like us more than usual! Romance-wise, this is the time to address the practical matters, rather than aiming for a love and hearts and flowers situation. I believe that the Sun, Moon and stars are as magical as they look. Do it this month too, and see for yourself. Do not worry if something takes to arrive since in a few days you will have in your hands what you have wanted.


Your experience will be more than useful when making a meaningful decision that has to do with your work, or your relationship. Happily you are in that intelligent and vital tone that will allow you to carry out your affairs without major setbacks and with more than promising results. Love If you already left in your story a sentimental chapter of your life you will not gain anything by taking it to live again now. Apply your past experience to this new situation that is now being presented.

Today's Horoscope: December 2, 12222

Health Something that always surprises everyone is the ability of your sign to quickly recover lost health. On this Monday you will be amazed at how quickly you get out of a cold, flu or similar situation. Your body responds effectively to treatments and your mental attitude.

Work You will successfully complete a job that you started days ago and could not finish due to interruptions. You must propose a goal and not deviate from it until you have fulfilled your purpose. That way you will not have more headaches about it. Money and Luck Money flows, comes and goes.

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The Moon in Virgo connects with Pluto at AM and squares off with Mars at PM, stirring up passionate emotions—and likely some confrontations. Luck will be in the air when the Moon connects with Jupiter at PM. The Moon in Virgo squares off with your planetary ruler Mars this afternoon, encouraging you to get shit done. The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Virgo today, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart.

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The Moon is in Virgo today, illuminating the communication sector of your chart. The Moon is in hardworking Earth sign Virgo today, and money is on your mind.