March 1 2020 blue moon horoscope

Sun conjunct Venus transit does increase the chance of getting back together or finding a new love. Hey Jamie, Thank you for your insight, I enjoy reading your insights. The things that are great will look brilliant against the those things that just look truly unpleasant. I am writing my final thesis now,I hope it helps! Hi Jamie Lately my life resembles an obstacle course. This new moon conjuncts my part fortune in the 6th house, 7 degrees Aries. Is this good or bad? This would mean new opportunities in your 6th house. Could this happen or am I just hoping for too much?

Hi Sims. You could be right and yes I have spent time using the Arabic Parts. AT the very least it should good news regarding your love life. And with Venus Rx you are right to hope for contact with ex partner. Good luck.

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Trine with neptune and AC. Square jupiter,sextile saturn. And wide conjunction with sun,mercury and chiron — degree.

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Hey Jamie, thanks for this. This new moon is on my north node. Sun at 0.

Sun square Uranus 02Cancer opposite Mars 02 Libra. Hope something happens as feel stuck in mud at the moment.

When does a Blue Moon occur?

Thanks for your insight. Hoping very, VERY much for a job offer soon. Thanks again for this valued interpretation, it is helping to have a little hope for the good potential, in working with its good offering.

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The proof as they say as will the truth, out eventually. And it seems it is becoming clear now, finally…phew…. Oh and I love the idea of a soul mate of truly loving intent to be possible, as a highly eccentric spiritual creative being, I accept I am not at all easy to share life with, it will just simply need to be a good man who understands that it is equally challenging for me to share life with those who arent…who will listen to understand me enough to acquire the taste?

During my natal Libra Uranus opposition at 5dgs 5yrs ago I purchased a classic car. Its not looking good as far as the repair goes, or a replacement.

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More like an insurance payout. I will know more as the FM gets closer in 2wks.. Also happens to be shadow Merc retro phase at this time.. What a new moon coming up!!! Didn t find any definition about this transit online can you give me your insight? Moon enters Pisces. Nov 8, AM. Moon enters Aries.

Nov 10, PM. Moon enters Taurus. Nov 13, AM. Moon enters Gemini. Nov 15, PM. Moon enters Cancer. Nov 17, PM. Moon enters Leo. Nov 20, AM. Moon enters Virgo. Nov 22, AM. Moon enters Libra. Nov 24, AM. Moon enters Scorpio. Nov 26, AM.

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Moon enters Sagittarius. Nov 28, PM. Nov 30, PM. Dec 3, AM. Dec 5, PM. Dec 8, AM. Dec 10, PM. Dec 12, PM. Dec 15, AM.

Dec 17, AM. Dec 19, AM. Dec 21, PM. Dec 23, PM. Dec 25, PM. Dec 28, AM. Dec 30, PM.