January 4 birthday numerology

If you let go of the pressure you keep inflicting on yourself and just try and connect to people instead of chasing after expectations that do not even exist. You have the passion for adventure and communication and that is exciting in the eyes of people and just for that you naturally attract enough respect and attention as it is. You are a very single minded person, so it is very important for you to set your priorities straight, as once you set a goal for yourself you are very determined and dedicated in pursuing the goal. Same applies to whatever you find your calling in life to be, whether it be raising a family or running a corporation, it becomes your single purpose in life you will pursue to the end and incorporate many opportunities and people to achieve it.

Because your career is very important to you, and you tend to spend much time pursuing your personal goals it is important you choose your career wisely, otherwise you risk sacrificing your personal identity.

You can be so driven to your goal, that you tend to put your emotional life on hold, sometimes to an extend where you loose touch with your friends, family or even yourself. You like to be centre of attention and you should be, your work ethic is impeccable, but you need to remember and respect your own feelings, your own life, your own circle of friends and family before putting yourself out there.

In your life it is important to learn work and personal life do not mix well, and keep them separated, but also divide the time between the two equally and stick to the plan. Overall if you learn to use time wisely and prioritize, your single minded approach is an amazing combination with your level of commitment, the combination is deemed for a great potential in success. You do struggle to find balance between your moods, you go high and low and from disaster to sudden great.

All those ups and downs are up to your emotional balance, when you think you have everything figured out things turn upwards, when you struggle with finding self and time for anything you seem to be in a never ending down spiral which does tend to shift overnight if you want it to.

January 4 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

It is just a matter of your mind switch. You are attracted to people who think alike, in that aspect you can find great many friends, but the same for some reason in relationships does not work out so well for you. Even though you show a mask of very confident person when you start off in a relationship, you are not very good with trusting and find it hard to commit.

Do not take your health for granted. As same way you need important assets to reach your goals, you need to have a plan to keep your health in check. Or show up late and make a grand entrance! The joy is in the journey during a 5 Personal Year; yet as the New Year begins, most of your activity revolves around your family and home life. January also holds more pressing responsibilities on the home and relationship front.

In January, step up and lend a helping hand to friends and family who need it. Relationships are your primary focus in a 6 Personal Year, and in , you may reevaluate all your connections.

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This process can start with your relationship to yourself, and extend to everyone in your life—from your most intimate partners to your family and friends, and even co-workers. Many numerologists will observe that a 6 Personal Year is one involving marriage and divorce—literally and metaphorically.

But no need to rush to an altar or attorney! To start the year, January offers you opportunities for deep soul searching—especially in regard to all things relationship-oriented. You might even feel like retreating into a little cave or curling up on the couch with a steaming cup of tea. Showing up for loved ones is a great way to begin , a year where your focus is on those in your intimate circle. Welcome to your 7 Personal Year, a time where a quiet retreat is more in alignment with your energies than, say, burning the midnight oil at the office.

January 4 Zodiac Sign

Yet the month of January will be infused with the 8 energy, meaning business and financial affairs are front and center. This could mean phasing out some less important obligations so you can free up time for personal and private matters—like a meditation practice or maybe that yoga retreat. Financial pressures may also creep in, most likely with people and situations that test your sense of personal power.

Get ready for buttons to be pushed! Learn to stand up for yourself and draw a line in the sand, demarcating healthy boundaries. And as good as that sounds, be prepared for a bit of pushback, or at least a push-pull. This is an appropriate way to launch your soul-searching 7 Personal Year in coming face-to-face with some of the deeper issues surrounding your sense of yourself and your power in the world. Personal power and finances take the front seat for your 8 Personal Year in Remember: easy come, easy go! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, focus on cultivating an attitude of abundance and banishing that scarcity mindset.

Have you been waiting to get various ventures up and running? You might start feeling a lot like Sleeping Beauty, awakening and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes in January.


But first, there could be loose ends to tie up before you begin the big push forward. This month, only devote yourself to the necessary work already in play, knowing you can go full steam ahead on new ventures in the months to come. The energy of the 9 Month will bring you experiences that demand a choice: do you hang on for dear life or do you let go? Time to hit the ground running!

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And yet! Embrace this as a period of transition, one that will require completion and closure. Do you feel strong? Have you risen to a challenge and crushed it?

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Have you gotten your financial trajectory in order? Is your sense of personal power polished and shined? The 9 Personal Year of marks the end of a cycle for you. In order to best wrap up this nine-year circuit, visualize yourself diving gracefully into a stream with a lively current. Then get yourself situated on a sturdy inner tube and prepare to ride the waves for the next twelve months! Felicia Bender, Ph.

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