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I would still say that Kavanaugh's astrology chart does not indicate victory to me. In my opinion Kavanaugh could still be in trouble next year if Democrats take back Congress in November But things will be lot different in the mid-term election, because it will be the American people who will decide which party controls the House and the Senate.

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But still I would like to remind everybody that November this year is also a good month for Donald Trump according to his astrology chart. So, go out and vote if you don't like what you see is happening in the country right now. So Kavanaugh will not be confirmed tomorrow. Saturn from Sagittarius sign is also aspecting ascendant lord natal Saturn, 8th house lord Sun in Aquarius sign and badhaka lord Mars in Virgo sign. These are very difficult transits indeed for Kavanaugh. Also 10th house lord Venus is becoming retrograde on October 5th.

Finally, Kavanaugh will be replaced by another right-wing candidate.

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Trump and McConnell may already have list of candidates that they know will be acceptable to Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and can pass the nomination process quickly before the mid-term election. The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question is that will the GOP have enough time to nominate another candidate before the mid-term election. It seems like Donald Trump is trying to limit the scope of the fbi investigation.

It has become very interesting while transit Saturn is aspecting Kavanaugh's natal moon. Brett Kavanaugh Astrology Update. If that happens then Donald Trump will not hesitate to dump Kavanaugh and quickly nominate another right-wing candidate.

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Let us see how this thing is going to play out in the coming weeks. It is becoming more and more interesting. This information is for the students of astrology who want to study the astrology chart of Brett Kavanaugh. I have rectified the birth time using KP Astrology rectification techniques, and found the astrology chart to be pretty accurate, when I applied the timing of some current important events.

Brett Kavanaugh's verified birth time is unknown, so I cannot make a bold prediction. I see that transit Saturn from Sagittarius sign at this moment is directly aspecting Kavanaugh's natal moon in Gemini sign by its 7th aspect, natal Sun and natal Saturn in Aquarius sign by its 3rd aspect and natal Mars in Virgo sign by its 10th aspect. Trump is very good at changing the topic of the news, we all know that. In my opinion If Trump wanted to fire Rod Rosenstein, he would have done it yesterday on twitter, like he did it for Rex Tillerson.

I still think Rod Rosenstein will not be fired, because Trump does not gain anything by firing Rosenstein. Even if Trump fires everybody and ends the Mueller investigation, he cannot avoid impeachment.

Because Democrats will come back to power in November this year and they will again re-open Trump — Russia investigation after January My Bill Cosby prediction came true today. The Bill Cosby Astrology article was published on December 13, Then an astrology update was posted on June 17, soon after his mistrial. I had predicted on June 17, that Bill Cosby will go to prison after August 8, , and the prediction is right on target. Bill Cosby Astrology.

So, the period from October 11 to November 22, will be a slightly better period for Donald Trump. But in my opinion the Republican party will lose House for sure and probably Senate as well. This is possible only if Democrats come back to power, because the rubber stamp Republican Congress will never impeach Trump.

Senator John McCain will be missed, a true American hero, who always put the country before the party. My most heartfelt condolences to the McCain family. I had mentioned in my Trump astrology article that the months of June, July, August and September are very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump, and Trump could face impeachment in this time window.

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Look what happened today. Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former personal attorney, pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court today to eight criminal counts and said he acted "in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office". A plea deal by Michael Cohen could be a significant blow for Trump. Today is the day when Donald Trump is implicated in campaign finance violation, a federal crime.

Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been found guilty on eight counts of financial crimes, a major victory for special counsel Robert Mueller. From now onwards the Trump Presidency will be in a downward spiral. I still believe the Mueller Report should be released after the mid — term election, because the Republican Congress has no spine to stand up to Donald Trump and impeach him.

My astrology predictions for Donald Trump are right on target. But I will also say that jury must deliberate on all 18 counts before they reach any verdict. So, it is going to take time. People should not feel anxious. But it is hard to believe that Jury will find Manafort not guilty on all 18 counts. Manafort can still go to prison even if he is found guilty on some counts out of the 18 counts. Donald Trump is not moving the goal post, as media thinks. Donald Trump wants the Trump — Russia investigation to end quickly, so that Mueller Report is released before the mid term election and the GOP can exonerate Trump before they lose the House, followed by pardons that will be issued by Trump to people close to him.

In politics it is all about timing. Trump faces imminent impeachment, after mid-term election because it looks like Democrats will win the House. The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question at this moment is when Mueller report will be released. If Mueller Report is released before the mid term election, then GOP will quickly try to exonerate Trump before the mid term election. In my opinion there is a very slim chance that Mueller Report will be released by Labor Day. I am leaning more towards March So I do not know who will replace Donald Trump after his impeachment between June and April But it is obvious now that Democrats should do well in the mid term election.


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I also indicated in my astrology article that Donald Trump's time is slightly better in October, November, December this year. But Trump may not be able to take advantage of this slightly positive period when so many things are going wrong for him in June, July and August this year. I had indicated in this Trump Astrology article at quite a few places that many important events will happen in the months of March, July and November during Donald Trump's first Presidential term.

This disgraceful performance from Donald Trump also happened in one of these three months. You can read the second line under " Astrology Predictions". Certainly, Putin has something on Trump, and Trump is being blackmailed by Putin. I hope Bob Mueller and his team will find out the truth. This is a sad day for the country. I had mentioned number of times in my Trump astrology article that the months of June, July, August and September are difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump and United States and look what happened today. My predictions are right on target. GOP will still, continue to support Donald Trump until next summer, before they finally turn on Trump.

I repeat again, Donald Trump will either resign or face impeachment between June and April , if Trump survives politically this month and August The latest Mueller indictments came on the day of the solar eclipse, July I had indicated about the July 13 solar eclipse in my May 7 update. I am more concerned about the July 27 and August 11 eclipses, this is a very challenging time for Donald Trump. Donald Trump will face road blocks in getting his Supreme Court nominee confirmation during this time.

We may see more Mueller indictments during these eclipses. The trade war will push all of us into a global recession by summer of , as I had already predicted in my Trump astrology article on Jan 20, The US economy will continue to do well until April , before we enter the next recession. The most feared trade war will begin at midnight. Unfortunately, my prediction about the Global Recession next summer June will come true. Trump has started the trade war, will not be able to stop it now. Finally, Donald Trump has signed the Executive Order to reunite the separated children with their families.

Donald Trump is now trying to do some damage control. In my opinion Donald Trump has done an irreparable damage to the GOP just before the mid term election.

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Now the Trump Administration has no plan in place to reunite the separated children with their families. Michael Cohen is close to cutting a deal and flip soon. Republican Congress will quickly exonerate Donald Trump if Mueller Report is released before the mid term election, because both the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans and there is no one in the Republican Party who can stand up against Donald Trump.

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In my Trump astrology predictions I had indicated that June, July, August and September this year are going to be very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump and United States. There are better ways to enforce the immigration laws of the country. Donald Trump is simply trying to show his toughness on immigration laws to his base before the mid term election.

One third of the country will not believe literally anything they see negative about Trump. The Trump — Russia investigation has already entered the inner circle of Donald Trump with the arrest of Paul Manafort. Michael Cohen and Roger Stone may be arrested next. The US economy right now is doing very well, but we are only months away from the next recession.

As I have indicated in my Trump astrology predictions, we will be in recession after June , which will continue for couple of years. North Korea was trying for decades a meeting and a photo op with a US President, now they got one.