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Unexpected romance and friends-turned-lovers nights are likely for the next three weeks. This is a week of magical romantic experiences Venus will shine light on your gifts as a champion for the underdog and a passionate cheerleader for your friends. Your ruling planet, Mars, could send you jet-setting after Friday.

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You very well could be the main character in an international love story. Office romance, Taurus? With your ruling planet Venus beautifying your work spaces, sparks could fly with cute coworkers this week. Rememer: swift and proactive efforts will serve results. Think big, Gemini! You have an important message that needs to be shared on a large scale.

That very well might mean you're due to be published. Your feminine mentors will help you present this inspiring work on an intellectual stage. Be aware that this Friday, Mars will activate more masculine energy in your romantic experiences. Dynamic activities and conflict resolution are likely, so lean on your flexibility and natural resilience for success.

Venus wants you to identify your truths on intimacy, transformation, and sexual health, which are the "pearls" that need protection.

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It could take some uncomfortable digging, but you can do it. Move over, Meghan and Harry. Venus is beautifying your efforts on personal administration, so your actions on organization, time management, and health will be rewarded. On Friday, Mars could inspire a hometown hottie to connect with you. Stay curious Grab the loudspeaker, Libra!

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Put it close to your heart. Never wait for permission; you should absolutely speak first. Click your ruby red slippers three times, Scorpio. Aquarius season begins on Sunday and has you craving more intimacy and authenticity in your relationships.

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The eclipse inspires internal security, wealth, consistency, and strength. Winter wanderlust, Leo?

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A romantic chapter begins for you on Sunday with the start of Aquarius season. Also on Sunday, the eclipse in Leo inspires closure from ex-partners so you can open your heart more fully to current lovers. Let it all go, and fall in love again with optimism. You already know two is better than one, Libra.

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Your relationship skills are legendary! On Friday, tell the truth to a partner who needs to hear it—you can still be delicate and honest. Aquarius season begins a season of confidence and creativity!

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Pay attention, Scorpio! Your eyes can handle the invisible world, but the physical one needs your focus now. Commit to your health, wellness, and personal growth.

Aquarius season on Sunday has you searching for the places and people that feel like home, and the eclipse lights up your career sector—a big change is coming where you need it professionally! Courage, Sagittarius! The world is in awe of your candor and vulnerability. Is it time to to tell a special someone how you feel?

For instance, Aquarius people tend to have perpetually cold hands and feet!

Do it on Friday. Your curiosity peaks when Aquarius season begins on Sunday. Adventures in travel await you with open arms thanks to the eclipse. Happy birthday, Capricorn! Friday helps you find the philosophies to improve your emotional health. Stay strong, focused, and brave. Friday reunites you with friends to get you out of your funk. Slow and steady, Pisces! Move with mindfulness, and pay attention to the clues the universe is giving you.

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A career breakthrough arrives on Friday, helping you see what your value is and how to use it.